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What the Hell?... by V3Digitimes

This is a critique about the outfit, as requested, and not the render itself.

Boots: The sole and the laces are particularly well done. Very realistic. The outside of the boot, though, needs to be a little rougher. I'm assuming Mike here has been out in the bush for a while. His boots should be a little scuffed, and show a hint of wear. The bump map will be your friend.

Pants: Don't change a thing. These pants are fantastic. The pattern provides a sense of depth independent of bump mapping. In short, very well done.

Shirt: Like the boots, this shirt definitely needs some roughness about it. It simply looks too "pressed" for a military T-shirt. I'd create some slight distortion in the texture, and then apply a fairly aggressive bump map.

Hat: No change. This can be less "worn looking" than the other components.

Overall, great work!
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V3Digitimes Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much for your very detailed and constructive critics!!

I totally agree with ALL the remarks you made here.

Concerning the bump, indeed, the values of the boots and tee shirt maps are defined in order "not to be too strong in close up", "not to be too weak from far". That is why they are too low here.
You pointed out one of my big mistake : for this specific render, I should have increased the values of the bump maps on shirt, shoes and hat! Damned!

Boots : In the final product, I have made two bump options for the boots for DAZ users : middle distance and close up. Mike boots also present three complementary "old style" morphs (folds and deformations due to long walks!). And I have also a very muddy ranger boot version for rainy days!

Shirt : Your advice is a very good advice! Really!
I just don't know if it is easy to do. I should make a version for genesis of this product, and I'm going to have a look at what you're proposing very carefully. I guess it is not that long for only one texture. The thing is that I have 15 different TeeShirts, (15 different materials, here it is only one of all the patterns I developed), it might take very very long! And I have to keep in mind that it must remain compatible with close up and far distance in DAZ and poser even for users who don't know what a bump map is, and that materials can be customised! ouch!

Anyway, critics like yours are really important for me to grow better on my products! So thank you again!
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